Thursday, August 7, 2014

To the Spineless Average American

To the Spineless Average American: Yes, You!

You who lives in LALA Land USA!
You who thinks Mainstream Media is the truth in the news.
You who thinks that government officials have NO desire whatsoever for CONTROL & POWER.
You think they have your best interest at heart.
Since When governments had the interest of the public first?
You who thinks that elections are a fair representation of the will of The People.
You who thinks that we live in a Democracy & in Free Market Capitalism. Since when bailing out BIG BANKS with billions of our tax dollars, is a definition of free market? Since when allowing BIG CORPORATIONS to grease the hands of the elected officials, is a demonstration of free market?


Yeah, who am I to be so harsh on you?
- I'm just someone who pays attention of the activities of the scum that runs our country, and voices his opinion.
OH, am I another unhappy camper because of this fraud of President?
- I couldn't care less of what President we have in office. For decades now they've only been PUPPETS of the SHADOW GOVERNMENT. And that Shadow government does NOT represent us, it represents the interests of only the few families part of this CRIMINAL CABAL. I am not going to give names here, because it is useless, you would NOT believe it anyway.

Today, you are living (what you call) a "blessed life", BECAUSE OF WHOM?
You probably didn't even know it, but here it is.  A year ago, the FEW TRUE AMERICANS (enough of us obviously), jumped up and down, rallied on overpasses, wrote to their representatives, called their representatives, went to DC in PROTEST of the up coming strike against Syria.
If our government had taken this action, YOU would NOT be living today as you are, OUR NATION would have triggered a WORLD WIDE CONFLICT (WW3).

We are back to square one!
The threat of of a WORLD WIDE CONFLICT is back, and more potent than a year ago.

We have already entered this conflict.  SANCTIONS ARE AN ACT OF WAR!

Who started it?
- THE CRIMINAL CABAL did!  Yes, this "shadow government", that orchestrates all sorts of actions in our name.  They are at it more than ever before in history.

How can I say that?
- Just get your heads out of your b***s, and PAY ATTENTION. Because when it starts with the lethal weapons of war, you will be crying while you bury your dead family members.  And DO NOT EXPECT ANY SYMPATHY from any of us who have WARNED YOU.

Central Bankers/US Government & NATO Are Setting The Stage For War

Russia hits back with agricultural bans for sanctioning countries

Russian Fighter Jet Chased US Spy Plane Into Sweden After MH17 Event!

Big War Coming? Russia Doubles Battalions On Ukraine Border to Over 20,000 Troops!

Putin Blamed for #MH17 to Launch Attack on BRICS World Bank

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  1. Not one spineless soul in Ohio is ready to stand up. The Church saved our asses in the late 1700s, when they acted as safe houses. Now the Christian Church wants us to be "pacifists", and go see Johnny Head Chopper. Jesus must still be dead.