Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jade Helm

Interesting name for a Military "drill" that will start (or did it start already?) July 15th, and will span over a few States.

The original map for the "Master the Human Domain" exercise only comprised 7 states.  We do know now, that it will also include at least Florida & Michigan.  How many more surprise additional participants will there be?  That is something that only "the Masters of the Human Domain" know.

Fort Lauderdale

The announced starting date for the operations has been somewhat modified, as there were already some dissident extraction practices done in Ft Lauderdale Florida at the end of March 2015.


There was also an additional drill that was done on April 12th in Orlando Florida, at the Millenia Mall (Directions). That drill took advantage of the Mall closure on Sunday night, to be executed between the hours of 8 pm to 4 am.

Thanks to an Anonymous friend, we were able to monitor the activities.

Various groups exchanged communications via air waves to keep those listening informed.  Others provided us with pictures and videos.
"21:00 chopper taking off, flying due East (Disney area).
Then came back to circle North of the Mall
(a minimum of 3 of ours on site, will be providing pics & videos, even though the area got closed off after 21:30)
22:00 Shots were heard & an explosion
23:00 Hostage drill"

Participants of the drill were:
  • FBI
  • Orange County Police Department
  • National Guards
  • EMT teams
  • Salvation Army

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  1. "conspiracy theory" :
    Millenia Mall to be used as a triage station for dispatching various dissidents to the appropriate Disney Parks for incarceration. The Disney Parks are capable to pack over 10 million people, and do not need much modification to be used as such.

  2. Why are Walmarts closing with a five hour notice? One in Tampa Florida closed.

  3. Are we AMERICANS going to be another "Austria"??