Wednesday, December 2, 2015

21st Century Nero

A little while back, I read an article. It stated that it would take less than 900 nukes to cripple America, about 2500 to obliterate America. Guess what America, Russia has over 7600 nukes, more than enough to obliterate America and Europe.
A few years ago Obama and his minions Leon Panetta and the Chiefs of Staff received their orders from NATO to destroy Libya. The following inquiry by Congress showed the TREASON they had committed by attacking Libya without Congress 's consent.
A few years later, Obama wanted to attack Syria. He postponed due to the public's refusal and protest. He decided he would put it to a vote to not repeat the treason of Libya. Congress and Representatives already knew the Public was against it (I personally wrote a dozen letters to the representatives of Florida).
He then postponed Congress vote, knowing it would be a BIG NO.
What is he doing now? King Obama, again on his own decides to send US boots in Syria. This has NOT been approved by Congress. And according to the Constitution, ONLY Congress can declare WAR.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Syria theater cast

  1. Syria Bashar al-Assad 
  2. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Muslim extremist group, enemy of most)
  3. Syrian Kurds. 
  4. Turkey. Turkey launch operation to take entire border with Syria under control
  5. France pound ISIS targets in Syria
  6. Other undercover
  7. UK to engage

Nuclear WW3, the most feared countries

The Most dangerous countries

15875 Nuclear devices, are in the hands of 14 Nations:
  1. Russia: 7,700
  2. United States: 7,100
  3. France: 300
  4. China: 250
  5. United Kingdom: 225
  6. Pakistan: 110
  7. India: 100
  8. Israel: 80
  9. North Korea: 10
  10. Belgium (Unknown, NATO shared)
  11. Germany (Unknown, NATO shared)
  12. Italy (Unknown, NATO shared)
  13. Netherlands (Unknown, NATO shared)
  14. Turkey (Unknown, NATO shared)

American People Against WW3

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rafalle Sale, the WW3 industry

From TV5
New orders for French industry:
  • Qatar orders 24 Rafalle
  • Saudis order 60 Rafalle.

American People Against WW3

Aleppo province Syria

Syria Army, pro-govt forces seize town of Al-Hader in Aleppo province from rebels
Syrian troops backed by pro-government militias on Thursday took control of the key rebel-held town of Al-Hader, south of Aleppo city, a military source told AFP. Troops and allied forces “have full control of Al-Hader,” the source said of the town, which is around 10km from the key Aleppo-Damascus highway. The rebels fled the town, Reuters said, citing a Syrian state television report. The seizure of the strategic town is part of the latest advance in the rebel-held area.

American People Against WW3

Thursday, September 3, 2015

After Next

Army After Next document of 1996.
People's Liberation Army  After Next document of 2000.
The Army Capstone Concept document of 2009.

Monday, July 20, 2015

A future for our children

If WE want to save the Republic, and give a future to our children, there are 3 things WE MUST DO:
  2. End Fractional reserve banking
  3. Bring back the Anti-Trust laws
Anything else just won't do.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Jade Helm 15, day 2

Is the Chattanooga TN shooting the 1st Psy-Op?
To me, yes.  And I will not go in detail there why I think this way.

Did the Psy-Op work?
Yes, without a doubt, it is a success.  Hook, line and sinker all together.
Now, I am not sure that the desired results were achieved.

What did it do to the Public?
1-  It rallies the Public behind our Military. (I don't have a problem with that, as I was behind them 100% to begin with)  This however may have been the main goal of this Psy-Op.
2-  (unintended result) It brings up the question whether or not our military men and women should be armed on US soil & bases.  As far as I'm concerned: OF COURSE THEY SHOULD BE ARMED!  They have sworn an oath just as all LEO's did, therefore, they should be armed when in Uniform (a side arm is a must), open carry, ready to be deputized by a local Sheriff if necessary.  And when it comes to when they are in civilian clothes, just as any civilian, the 2nd amendment guaranties them the right to be armed.
3-  (probably the 2nd goal of this Psy-Op)  Get the American Public angry at Muslims.  It is a success.  But since our government will not do anything about it, it will simply create animosity and eventually chaos (and that is "their" main intention).
In all reality, since we are at war with Muslim extremists, they should be rounded up, sent back to where they came from, or put in camps (the same was done to the Japanese Americans during WWII).

OTHER UNINTENDED RESULT (How could I forget this one, when every one is already calling it out)

And I believe there will be many more Psy-Ops in the 2 months to come. So many, that we will forget about the previous ones.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Awake them

by G.W.

We all have those liberal friends who are afraid of guns for no reason.
What do we do with them besides shake our heads in wonder that they’ve come this far in life with such unreasonable ignorance and fear?
With a bit of effort and maybe a few dollars to spare we can convert some of our misguided liberal friends to the light, to the right, to support and even embrace the meaning of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Part of ignorance is that aside from ourselves these well-meaning folks are surrounded by those who think as they do, that guns are dangerous and those of us who wield them are maniacs. To change that perception, we need to work our gun culture into the daily conversation, reinforce the impression that guns are a normal part of everyday life. This is harder than you might think but if someone asks what you were doing last night you might say “not much, watched The Last Boy Scout on TV and cleaned my guns.” What are you doing this weekend? “Going to the range and fire a few rounds with my new 9.” I’m going to the mall for lunch, anybody want to go with? “Yeh, sure. Lemme grab my jacket. Hey, can we stop by the gun store on the way? I need another box of shells.”
The first few times, you might get a look. You might even get questions. Make it all seem as normal as it actually is. After a while, this becomes part of the background, perfectly acceptable.
Invite people to the range. “I’m going shooting tomorrow, want to come? My treat.” This is where you might have to pay a fee to get them in or spring for a box of bullets. “We’re having a BBQ at my uncle’s farm this weekend, y’all coming?” This one you might get a few people to come. Part of the activities (where legal) can be shooting up some targets or cans and bottles. Keep it safe of course and no coercion. If they opt out, no problem, no pressure. They can sit and watch while you and others have a good time.
You might lose a friend or two along the way but that is sometimes the price of progress. Are they true friends? Are they worth subjugating your beliefs and putting your own family in danger by giving up your guns?
Our problem as gun owners is that we are often too quiet about our life-style when we are with nay-sayers. We shouldn’t be. That old saying “out of sight, out of mind” holds true. What they see in movies and on television reinforces the notion that guns are dangerous, deadly weapons of destruction. Because they are not exposed to it, our liberal friends have forgotten that guns are our history. Guns are…or should be as normal having a hammer in the tool box and fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
How do you deal with overt hostility? Calmly. I was once called a baby-killing psycho because I was concealed carry in a restaurant. A friend of more than 10 years freaked…seriously freaked. There was nothing I could do but I realized then that this person who “knew me” had no idea I had guns and enjoyed shooting sports. We had never talked about it. My fault.
Another friend was helping me clean the car and saw targets in the trunk. I explained that I spent a couple weekends a month at the range and casually invited her. This was no but a couple weeks later we were running errands and I swung in to the gun store to stock up. She went in. Guns everywhere and a a women at the counter looking to make a first purchase. I offered advice. My friend was quiet. After, I said how exciting it is to help a newbee to the gun world. My friend told me how her mother hated guns and would not allow them in the house, that she herself was always a little afraid. I pulled my gun out and after clearing it, showed it to her, had her hold it, feel the weight, explained the safety features.
It took a while more but eventually, I got her to the range. She was timid at first but let’s face it, who can resist the feel of a gun going off and seeing the target explode? The excitement all around? The noise? The smell of sulfur? A couple more times and I agreed to sit with her through an introductory class at the sheriff’s office. She finally took the whole course and I helped her buy her first gun, a 9mm Luger.
The whole process took nearly 2 years and overall cost me about $70 in rounds and fees. Worth it.
Now, the two of us are working on other friends. 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2 = 4, 4 + 4 = 8…and so it goes. We will conquer the world.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Minutemen in other Independant Free Sovereign States

50 States: State Maps
50 States Minutemen Pages

Professional Web Design

NEWS June 1st 2015

If Main Stream Media did not speak of it, it means they are keeping you in the dark.
Get informed, see the tittles below:




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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Independant Free Sovereign States update


State / territory

State / territory facebook Minutemen Pages Number of Editors Public Region groups
 Alabama 2 7
 Alaska 0 NO
 Arizona 1 NO
 Arkansas 1 NO
 California 0 NO
 Colorado 0 NO
 Connecticut 2 NO
 Delaware 0 NO
 Florida 10 6
 Georgia 2 4
 Hawaii 0 NO
 Idaho 0 NO
 Illinois 0 NO
 Indiana 0 NO
 Iowa 4 in process
 Kansas 0 NO
 Kentucky 1 NO
 Louisiana 1 NO
 Maine 1 NO
 Maryland 0 NO
 Massachusetts 1 NO
 New Hampshire
 New Jersey
 New Mexico
 New York
 North Carolina
  North Dakota
 Rhode Island
 South Carolina
 South Dakota
 West Virginia
 District of Columbia
 Puerto Rico
 Northern Mariana Islands
 United States Virgin Islands
 American Samoa