Monday, July 20, 2015

A future for our children

If WE want to save the Republic, and give a future to our children, there are 3 things WE MUST DO:
  2. End Fractional reserve banking
  3. Bring back the Anti-Trust laws
Anything else just won't do.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Jade Helm 15, day 2

Is the Chattanooga TN shooting the 1st Psy-Op?
To me, yes.  And I will not go in detail there why I think this way.

Did the Psy-Op work?
Yes, without a doubt, it is a success.  Hook, line and sinker all together.
Now, I am not sure that the desired results were achieved.

What did it do to the Public?
1-  It rallies the Public behind our Military. (I don't have a problem with that, as I was behind them 100% to begin with)  This however may have been the main goal of this Psy-Op.
2-  (unintended result) It brings up the question whether or not our military men and women should be armed on US soil & bases.  As far as I'm concerned: OF COURSE THEY SHOULD BE ARMED!  They have sworn an oath just as all LEO's did, therefore, they should be armed when in Uniform (a side arm is a must), open carry, ready to be deputized by a local Sheriff if necessary.  And when it comes to when they are in civilian clothes, just as any civilian, the 2nd amendment guaranties them the right to be armed.
3-  (probably the 2nd goal of this Psy-Op)  Get the American Public angry at Muslims.  It is a success.  But since our government will not do anything about it, it will simply create animosity and eventually chaos (and that is "their" main intention).
In all reality, since we are at war with Muslim extremists, they should be rounded up, sent back to where they came from, or put in camps (the same was done to the Japanese Americans during WWII).

OTHER UNINTENDED RESULT (How could I forget this one, when every one is already calling it out)

And I believe there will be many more Psy-Ops in the 2 months to come. So many, that we will forget about the previous ones.