Sunday, September 4, 2016

The jig is up!

The up coming 2016 election will demonstrate that WE are at a point of no return. Is it unfair, manipulated? Both should be the answer.

United States presidential election, 2012

President Barack Obama, 2012 portrait crop.jpg Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 6 cropped.jpg

It took 65,915,796 votes to elect Obama. 26 States won and 332 electoral votes sufficed to elect him.
129,235,000 voters cast their ballots in the 50 States, out of the 235,248,000 voting age population.

Voting age population Voter Turnout They elected the President
235,248,000 129,235,000 65,915,796

Government employees

Government employees will watch for them selves, their pay checks, their advantages. It may be for their families, and they are not to be expected to vote for a smaller government.
Sure, a minority will think of the future of their children, and recall what our Republic once was.
Never the less, expect over 20 millions to vote for "the establishment".

Control of the "Elites"

Their numbers are growing too. They have unknown number of "dogs" at their beckoning. Can they buy people's votes? - Very easily is the answer.  They have unlimited funds thanks to their ability to print our Nation's money. They control the media, and Soros even controls the voting machines.

Welfare recipients

109,631,000  people benefit from welfare as of a census done in 2012.
Would they vote for smaller government?
- The answer is NO.  This too precious big government is a blessing to them.

Voters registered Democrat

41,341,965 are registered Democratic Party Members in 2016.  Considering it only takes about 66 million people to elect a President.....

Is the Die cast?

It seams like it. The bigger government will get, the less Liberties.
Those who benefit from BIG government will not let it slip through their fingers. They will spend any amount of money (that they print) necessary to put the nails in the coffin of the Republic. They have the numbers over a 100 million. All they need to do is pay them off.
No, a Constitutional Republic is not to their liking.  Armed Americans is not to their liking.
Global governance is what they want and is likely to become the future of our Planet.