Monday, November 10, 2014


THANK YOU RT for divulging to the WORLD the scam of Democracy.

A Florida town has a law that forbids feeding the homeless.
Let me enlighten you: America was never meant to be a Democracy!
Yet, our Government via the military wants to spread Democracy in the World.
Because it makes it so much easier for the World puppet Masters to influence the masses. And influence the masses they are the Master deceivers, and know how to do that.
The average human being is only concerned about very few things, and as long as the puppet Masters provide them with those few things, they behave like good slaves.

NO! America IS NOT a Democracy!
America was meant to be a Constitutional Republic!
The Constitution along with the Bill of Rights provided for the rights of each individual, each free thinking and acting individual.
The founders not only sought to protect us from government, but also to protect each individual against other individuals.

Can't a city pass laws? Yes, of course it can, just as much as any community can.
BUT, Those laws CANNOT infringe on the Bill of Rights.
Can't I have my own rules and laws in my home? Yes, because you own the property, and yes what you do in the privacy your own home doesn't affect others outside of it.
If that town in Florida wants to have specific laws that disregard the Bill of Rights, someone must purchase the streets and all the grounds within it. Then they can do whatever they want in the privacy of their domain.
Fort Lauderdale IS NOT PRIVATELY OWNED and therefore cannot pass laws against the Bill of Rights.

90 year old arrested for feeding US homeless faces 2 months jail