Monday, April 18, 2016

America would be great again overnight

There is NO need for wealth redistribution, there is only need for government to get out of the way, and redistribute the Land it stole from the American people.
WHY ? Federal Government owning 2.27 billion Acres of Land, reminds me of Monarchy 1000 years ago, or even a few centuries ago.

It is time to demand the Federal Government relinquish ownership of the Lands that belong to the People.
As of 2012, there are 2.27 billion Acres owned by the Federal Government. Hence, divided by 320 million US citizens, equals 7 Acres (see pic below).

A family of 4, would get 28 Acres.

Americans are getting poorer & poorer. Commerce & Industry is slowly but surely slowing down to become irrelevant as a World power. Imagine WE reclaim ownership of the Federal Lands. Imagine a redistribution of the said Lands equally among the US citizens of this once great country. Equally but by priority of right to choose your 7 Acres of Land. 1st, Native Americans would pick their 7 Acre parcel. 2nd, and in order, the Families that can prove to be the oldest generations to set foot in America. And on and on, until the newest US citizens would get to pick last.
Imagine being the owner of 7 Acres over night. Imagine the commerce & industry ensuing after the redistribution. Some might sell their land, others might make it flourish (as Farms, Industry, developments, etc...). America would become GREAT AGAIN OVERNIGHT.

America would become once again the number 1 economy in the World.

Forget food stamps, government housing, and all handouts, get what is yours, 7 Acres of Land, that you may use or partially sell to have your family live like human beings.
Imagine each homeless now the owner of 7 Acres of Land.

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  1. Why am I suddenly posting about Federal Land?
    Last night, I was dreaming that the government under the pressure of the people, actually distributed the Land. It was an amazing & vivid dream. People were happy, and getting busy with their new acquired Land. Poverty in America had ended.

  2. As the US government does the complete opposite: Federal Land Grab ‪#‎FederalLandGrab‬
    Russia hands over Land to it's citizens.