Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Never back down.

With 85 millions people armed with 700 million guns, the American people are a thorn for the Globalists take over. The USA is the LAST country in the World with an armed population, making it a target for suppression. Most real Americans are totally against Globalism. Americans Love their sovereignty.
But, will such an armed population prevent the ratification of the UN Small Arms treaty? Do WE have the will?
A UN take over and gun confiscation in the US is one of the Globalists plan to advance their Agenda of total control of the World.
Department/ Office: Department of Peacekeeping Operations
Duty Station: NEW YORK…/video-un-posts-…/
With the support of DHS, local Law enforcement, & Military (the ones that have passed "the litmus test"), could they succeed?
South Carolina "Wellness Check"?
And then, if Americans lose their guns due to a lack of determination, could WE become the latest Genocide in history? So many labels have been given to Americans already, the demonizing of categories of people has already started, we can see it daily on Main Stream Media. Is MSM preparing the public at large for finger pointing as it occurred in Hitler's Germany?
- Over 170,000 unarmed Syrian & Iraqi Christians have been killed by "ISIS" (and ongoing).
- Thailand: To date more than 5,000 Thai buddhist’s have been slaughtered by Muslims.
- Sudan, in Darfur, another unarmed population has been decimated.
- Cambodia, Pol Pot, was responsible for the death of over 2 million unarmed people.
- Rwanda, over 800,000 killed.
- Bosnia and Herzegovina, over 8,000 Bosniaks were killed.
- Sri Lanka: state sponsored anti-Tamil pogroms, massacres, sexual violence, and acts of cultural and linguistic destruction perpetrated by the state.
- Somalia: an estimated 900,000 unarmed population was massacred.
- Congo
- Tibet: 92,000 deaths. China's former President Hu Jintao committed genocide in Tibet.
- Ethiopia: An estimated 150,000 university students, intellectuals and politicians were killed during Mengistu's rule.
- Laos: The government of Laos in collaboration with Vietnam of committed genocide against the Hmong, with up to 100,000 killed out of a population of 400,000.
- Equatorial Guinea, an estimated 80,000 had been killed.
- North Korea's Christian population has been systematically massacred and persecuted.
- Burundi, between 80,000 to 210,000 killed.
- Pakistan, 300,000 to 3 million people were killed. Pakistani armed forces raped between 200-400,000 Bangladeshi women and girls in an act of genocidal rape.
- Dominican Republic: Those who mispronounced "perejil" were assumed to be Haitian and slaughtered. The program resulted in the deaths of 20,000 to 30,000 people.
- Nazi Germany: Between 1939 and 1941, 80,000 to 100,000 mentally ill adults in institutions were killed, later annihilation of Jews and other "undesirables" in the Holocaust. Only Hitler's goons were armed. The brown shirts pointed the finger, the Gestapo took care of business.

Or course, there were many more genocides pre-WWII, due to unarmed, ill-prepared populations.
China, Soviet Union....