Wednesday, April 16, 2014

93 arrested in Florida for intent to commit crimes.

April 15th 2016

The Director of the Pre-Crime National Division John Holton announced yesterday that "the newly formed Pre-Crimed National Division is celebrating success after success. The latest impact made in the State of Florida is just a preview of what this agency will be capable of in the near future."
93 criminals were arrested with the intent to collect the limbs of over 2000 citizens.

Ever since the launch of the new bio-metric payment system in October of 2014, 883 citizens lost their right hands. The criminals were arrested, but "there is still much to prevent such atrocities".

The Pre-Crime National Division will launch it's next campaign in 15 other States. Not only the Division is geared for a high number of arrests, but currently the agency is hiring 135,000 new trainees.
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Science fiction not so fictive after all

I personally would rather have my wallet stolen than my right hand.
Bio-metric payments (no wallet needed any more), are a thing of the very near future, as announced by FOX News (April 16th 2014), in an effort to promote the up-coming technology.

I don't know about you guys, but at this point I say: STOP
What's next? Iris scans? They will remove your eyes to steel from you.

How about those 3D printers, won't they be able to print a skin-glove duplicating your finger prints?
Won't they be able to duplicate an Iris?
Think again. Go watch some old sci-fi movies, and you will see that most of the technologies presented as sci-fi, have come to reality today.
What will pull in the name of "Security"?

What next?

  • The RFID chip? They will cut it out of you (the thieves)
  • Brain scans? They will download them (the thieves)
  • DNA? They will get it from a hair (the thieves)
  • Your Soul?
I will stop there, you get the idea.

Bundy Ranch Bunkerville, NV

 Bundy Ranch Blog

Thank you for your support.
We will try to use this to keep you informed of important developments and things you can do to help us create a bettre world for our children and generations to come.
Watch your Email and Text messages. We will try to keep you infoemed but we will not be sending a constant barage of emails to you.
There are lot of rumors.  Just remember if you do not see it here or on our blog its probably not true.
If you would like to use a hashtag on social media use #bundyranch #clivenbundy #standwithbundy
PLEASE share the things you like on Facebook and Twitter, that is how we spread the word, but please don't spread rumors it causes people to lose focus and soon they get tired.
We desperately need protestors at the Protest site on Bunkerville road every day.  We are far from done with this effort.  We need to keep the media focused and they will leave if there are not enough protestors.  So come out and see us.
Thank you and love you!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Land grab by Federal Government

Federal Government land grab has been on going.
The Bureau of Land Management exists to control the states Public Lands.

Video below by former US Army LTC Roy Potter

Bunkerville History Two A Brief Explanation Of The Land Issues

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bundy supporter

This is what happens on facebook when you openly support something against the Feds:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Call to the Militia

Things you NEED !
A Good attitude for good morale !! a rifle or shot gun + ammo & extra mags ! a camera ! hiking or combat boots, binoculars or a scope, maps or GPS & cell phone-
- See more at:

Things you NEED ! A Good attitude for good morale !! a rifle or shot gun + ammo & extra mags ! a camera ! hiking or combat boots, binoculars or a scope, maps or GPS & cell phone- ( cell signal can be shielded with tinfoil, no joke look it up ! ) water + electrolytes- ( coconut water & bananas are awesome easy to come by electrolytes ) ! a good night sleep the day before + healthy meals, lightweight loose fitting long sleeve clothing + hat or shades, cool weather clothing or sleeping bag ( for cool desert nights, temp will drop at night ! ) flash light, batteries for gear, bush knife or combat knife, some first aid, money for supplies on the road or in town Nevada, THE SPOT, rally point… - See more at:

Recommended items !
Bull horns, load baring vest, body armor, portable communication devices,
side arms / pistols + ammo & extra mags, tent & camp chairs, portable tank of gas for vehicle,
portable water purifier, more guns, ammo, water & first aid for those that don’t have.
!! Rules and Tactics !!
Watch your step,( snakes and scorpions. )
And if you want to hit anything…
Zero your weapon for 50 or 100 yards if you haven’t already.
Know your holdovers at range-
( Do your Zero off and before you hit the battle zone,
plenty of space out there for that. )
Some CQB action but lot’s of open range shit out there !
( !! Leave Your Shit In The Car !!) – till we know the game plan !
Make contact with the locales & plan with them !
( Remember it’s their town their rules ! )
Do recon and get a feel for the land.
Communicate & Spread out in 2, 3 or 4 man teems.
Any offensive strike MUST be reserved for Day time !!
(we can not hope to compete against their FLIR Systems, Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Capabilities at night)
Go time :)
(!! Check Your Fire !! NO FRIENDLY FIRE !!),
Hit from behind when ever possible.
! Aim ! and DON’T spray and pray !
Stay focused & calm !
Cover fire, move and give first aid to a brother in need !!
- See more at:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Breaking: BLM to enter Bundy Ranch Proper!


Armed tyrannical Federal Government Snipers training high powered sniper rifles at American Family... NUFF SAID... NOW 'WE' DO SOMETHING to SAVE OUR FREEDOM from our elected Republican and Democrat usurping Enemies of our Bill of Rights. And, it starts by Saving the Ranch and Lives of the Bundys. Who are now STANDING for our Rights and FREEDOM in our stead.

This is NOT just about the Bundy Ranch, it is about our Ninth and Tenth Amendment LAWs! What the HELL is the "Federal Government" doing in the free and sovereign Country of Nevada? ? ? ? When will our elected Republican and Democrat enemies send their Shock Troops and Storm Troopers to attack us in our home Countries and have their snipers train high powered rifles on our family homes in our home Countries?

THIS IS 'THE REASON' FOR The Second Amendment; "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Will the REAL Americans PLEASE STAND UP!

Come out to the area ASAP! But ANYTIME, ANY DAY, you can make it over the next WEEK, please do so... Do not worry if you cannot make it on Thursday.

If anybody has important posts they can click "Maybe", if they cannot go but you want to keep us up-to-date on Bundy Ranch news.

AVN | Last Man Standing: Rancher Standoff in Nevada

Last Man Standing - Rancher: armed feds surrounding my farm...
I don't care about pols running around saying we passed a law that says this or that. I don't care about enviro-tyrants using the law as a weapon to protect a turtle. I don't care about gov't claiming self-appointed powers to make rules and laws that are null & void on their face. This is, (and should be) the shot heard across America. It's time to make a stand. No more running, no more fear, no more cowering in darkness hoping the Frankenstein we've created won't find and eat us. Monkeywrench this and begin partisan action now. We may die in the fight but it's better to die on our feet than on our knees begging tyrants for a life not worth living.